Glam Full Set

Similar to a mascara look, this set is meant to fit your everyday look "natural," but "Glam". This set may require more often touch-ups, unlike the following two other options because there are less lashes applied during this initial service. If you're a first timer, we suggest the Glam set. The option to upgrade is always an option at your next fill appointment. Touch-Ups are required every 1-2 weeks to maintain this style. 

Price $150

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This service is highly recommended two weeks after your Glam full set at NMH. Our Glam look compliments what natural lashes each client has, therefore is not as extreme of a lash enhancement as our following two sets. Fills must be done on a regular basis every 1-2 weeks to maintain your Glam look. 

Price $65+


This set is customized to each individuals' length, shape and thickness of the natural lash. This set is fuller than the Glam, but still less than Out of this World. This is our most requested set and must be filled every 2-3 weeks. 

Price $250+

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Your natural lash cycle, daily activities and at home care, will determine your Irresistible fill maintenance. A thorough consultation is done prior to each appointment, the option to upgrade must be discussed at this time. Feel free to ask your stylist for her professional advice to determine your personalized set type and fill schedule. This set is required to be filled every 2-3 weeks. 

Price $75+


Our most popular set. This set is designed to create the fullest voluminous lashes. If you want to turn heads, get noticed and strike the eye, we suggest you choose this set. This is our signature look, due to the intense amount of fluffy full "Out of this World" lashes. This set must be filled every 2-3 weeks. 

Price $350+

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If you have had the pleasure of receiving our eye catching "Out of this World" full set, you will be impressed with the amount of lashes still worn after your natural lash shed cycle. Your stylist applies GIOLASH custom volume lashes to each and every one of your natural lashes at the time of your full set and will maintain the look at each following fill appointment. This is our signature set, makes a statement and the most favored and fashionable lash set offered. Out of this World lashes must be maintained with fills strictly between 2-3 weeks. Price $85+

+All prices are starting at & subject to change without notice.

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